Welcome to the LYNX East-West LYMMO Expansion Project website. Here you will find information to keep you informed of the latest progress on the final design and construction of the expansion efforts for the downtown LYMMO transit system. Please click the following link to view an informative video summarizing the expansion efforts currently underway for LYMMO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l8gGY5JSr0

East-West LYMMO Route Map


What is the East-West LYMMO Expansion?

The east-west expansion of the LYMMO system will largely operate in mixed traffic with the exception of several sections (Eastbound Central Avenue between Westmoreland and Division Avenue, Church Street Westbound (Lake to Magnolia Avenue), Southbound Magnolia Avenue between Church and South Streets (an existing LYMMO lane) and Westmoreland from Church to Central Avenue). The new route is proposed to include Lymmo Stops and new Lymmo Shelter stations. This project will include roadway resurfacing, new roadway signing and pavement markings, along with new stations and utility connections where needed.